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Using EMTrack for COVID-19 Vaccine Clinics/Points of Dispensing

What is EMTrack?

  • EMTrack is a vaccination module designed for use by COVID-19 vaccine providers in the state of Illinois. The solution includes a website which enables providers to schedule open or closed Points of Dispensing (PODs) in addition to offering: A portal for individuals to register and schedule appointments. This includes a ticket that is generated with a unique identifier.
  • Reminders to individuals for first dose appointments and to schedule their second dose appointment.
  • A smart device application for providers to use at the POD location to scan patients through each section/area of the POD.
  • An automatic upload of required data into Illinois Comprehensive Automated Immunization Registry Exchange (I-CARE). I-CARE will be used for enrolling providers, tracking vaccine administration, and submitting orders for additional vaccine.

If you are a current COVID-19 vaccine provider in the State of Illinois and would like to start registering your PODs now in the EMTrack system, please see the link below. This link provides information on how to enroll in EMTrack, orient to the system and register a POD. It also lists contacts for help.

What is the difference between an open and closed POD?

An open POD is available to members of the public who are eligible under current and previous priority population phases. An open POD allows an individual to view COVID-19 vaccine sites and register for an appointment through an enrolled provider.

  • Example: This setup might be beneficial to pharmacy providers, hospitals or clinics that are offering vaccines to individuals ages 65+.

A closed POD is only available to a closed network of individuals who have been invited to register for the COVID-19 vaccine at a specified location(s).

  • Example: This setup might be beneficial to a workplace location that is providing vaccines to members of their workforce. The provider (the employee health program, for example) could set up a closed POD or work with their Local Health Department or pharmacy to host a closed POD, sharing a link specifically for eligible employees.

Who is eligible to conduct COVID-19 Vaccination PODs?

COVID-19 vaccine providers -- those who have registered in I-CARE and completed the COVID-19 Vaccine Provider Agreement -- are eligible to conduct PODs. For businesses or other entities, we recommend those with an employee health program and at least 1,000 employees. Those eligible to conduct PODs may be interested in using EMTrack if they do not have an existing Electronic Medical Record (EMR) scheduling platform that is integrated with I-CARE.

Businesses or other entities that do not have an existing employee health program may wish to partner with an existing COVID-19 vaccine provider (such as a pharmacy, hospital, urgent care clinic, Local Health Department, etc.) to request a closed POD for their employees.

For questions regarding EMTrack, please contact