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Coronavirus related contracts

During the coronavirus pandemic, the State of Illinois engaged various vendors and services to respond efficiently. The State procured thousands of units of PPE, medical equipment, and the required mobile workforce enablement technologies to better allow statewide business and social services to continue to operate while responding to the public need and social distancing measures.

From the beginning, the administration has been dedicated to public transparency. On this page, you can research and view the related contracts and expenditures tax dollars and federal funds helped procure in order to minimize the impact of COVID-19 on the residents of Illinois. Search results can also be exported for easier analysis on a personal computer. Multiple search and sort functions are available below for your use. This site will be continually updated. 


  • This report represents contracts obligated at the Illinois Office of the Comptroller (“IOC”) that have any COVID-19 related expenditures against them and unobligated COVID-19 expenditures. 
  • This report provides the entire obligated contract amount and all associated expenditures against the contract whether COVID-19 or non-COVID-19 related. 
  • This report does not include contracts which have not been obligated at the IOC; COVID-19 related expenditures against non-IOC obligated contracts or without any contract will be reflected in this data as voucher data.
  • The data contained in the report is not inclusive of all state agencies.
  • Zero amounts shown in the ‘$ Obligated’ field reflect a COVID-19 expenditure which was obligated and then de-obligated but still remains recorded for historical purposes or where no obligation exists.

Agency Vendor Name Contract/Voucher # Date Description $ Obligated $ Spent